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Travel, Shoot, Edit, Repeat... it's what we do!

Adrenal Media is the Official Photography Agency for the FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship), and the ELMS (European Le Mans Series) including the world famous 'Le Mans 24hr' and the Michelin GT Le Mans Cup. From our base in the UK, we cover both National and International events providing adrenaline fueled, contemporary, dynamic, & extreme, documentary, reportage, editorial media with a fine art styled twist.


A passion for amazing photography, art and a desire to provide nothing but the best result is at the core of the team’s philosophy. We pride ourselves on a solid reputation and numerous clients who enjoy a professional and personal service no matter the size of job or project.

With the ability to work in any situation and adapt to any challenge or location, we supply professional, artistic, creative, fast, super skilled run and gun crews direct to you and your events, capturing unique and powerful atmospheric images. Using the latest HD DSLR's kit, we can provide slow motion filming, GoPro cams, multicams, editing on the fly, with on location full graphic design & motion agency support, from multimedia to graphics, scripts and full audio specialist support. Specialising in contemporary cutting edge media coverage and content for Motorsports, extreme sports, kite surfing, 4x4, sailing. Indoors, and outdoors. 



Director of Photography and Official Fuji X Pro, can usually be found running up and down pit lane, hanging from helicopters and yachts, or just walking his dog in the middle of nowhere.

With his camera of course!



Team coordinator, location assistant and administrator.......

The voice of sanity,  basically the glue that holds it all together. 


Cut him and he bleeds motorsport.

Collector of images, he refuses to delete anything from his archives - you should see the size of his hard drive!

He can also eat a phenomenal amount of Spaghetti in one sitting.


The youngest member of the team and a race addict, he’s a fearless champion on both two and four wheels!

With his love of #VanLife he can often be found road tripping across Europe accompanied by an Electro music sound track and his beloved 400mm f2.8.

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  • Ben Cherry Web


A photojournalist and Fujifilm X-Photographer, he is usually found exploring weird and wonderfully wild places searching for a story! The more random the location, the better.

He loves meeting new people, particularly over a beer, and if pie is also involved then he'll literally do anything......happy days!


A studio and portrait photographer, fuelled by caffeine and chocolate.

With her love of Spaniels and Photography, joining the team was inevitable. 

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Editing and audio mastermind,

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"
yes! and he's probably got it on file!

Loves mixing new tracks! Thats Race Tracks!


Scifi geek & outdoorist he loves a conspiracy theory...
We heard he's even got a green finger! 

Once mistaken for a fellow bear he was chased by a grizzly across 4 baseball diamonds, 2 basket ball courts and an outdoor theatre! 

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  • JRXT0606.jpg


 Skater girl and Dolphin rider!
Into Tattoos, travel, Roller Derby and Rugby!

Basically she'll kick your ass!


Loves photography, tattoos and rally!

He is mostly found out on the race circuit, or down a gravel track, dodging flying cars and down hill bikers, or tattooing beautiful people in his studio.

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The DJ of Photo Booths and Gaming!

Runs on Haribo and energy drinks.

Fast becoming a Fuji addict!


We are always looking for fresh talent, and extra people to add to the team.

Photographers, Filmographers, Editors, Graphics and anything cool...

if you have what it takes to work hard, travel, and play hard

drop us an email: info@adrenalmedia.com


Mascot and VIP, enjoying a free pass around the world schmoozing with photographers, drivers, grid girls and generally looking after our teams moral on location.


She is the Zoom Master!
 HQ security and part time model, likes Bonios, wild camping and swimming!
Travels at light speed and likes to do 'Crazy Ivans'


Follow us for all the latest images and adrenal action...



FIA WEC (World Endurance Championship), ELMS (European Le Mans Series), ACO (Le Mans 24HR), Michelin GT Le Mans Cup, Michelin, Dunlop, SRO GT1, GT3, Blancpain, F3, FIA WTCC, Auto GP, Superstars Series, The Art Group, Paper Rose, JB Motor Sport, Black Falcon, JWA, Ekris Motorsport, Icon7, QuicksilverWSR, AllRace, GENROQ, Racing On, Nissan, Experience Sailing, Caterpillar, Haribo, Generation AMR, GT4Cup.com, AutoHebdo, MotoGP, and many more...



WARNING > It can be brutal in the team, long hours, super fast turn arounds, sarcasm is high...We work hard, and play hard!

You'll need a high energy level, plenty of drive and a wicked sense of humour. 

Oh and you'll be published internationally in everything! < AWESOME!


We are always looking for team players, creative art photographers, editorial photographers, editors, videographers etc...

Have you got what it takes?

Want to get involved?

Drop us a line with your CV,  20 of your very best images in jpeg format, kit list and links. send this to: info@adrenalmedia.com


We don't always want to see 'car shots', we want to see some 'WOW!' stuff! Mix it up! Inspire us!

Tell us what drives you as a photographer? 

Who inspires you? Why? What else do you shoot?

DO NOT send images of cars with static wheels when they are racing, its crap! Our clients HATE it, and we HATE it! If it's rally or automotive this does not apply obviously. 

Show us EPIC portraits.

There is a difference between arty blur and out of focus.

Show us who you are! Send those selfies, a couple of fun shots, something stupid, maybe doing something awesome!

Still reading? This is a good sign!

Check out our styles, what we do, blanket emails are not appreciated.



From time to time, we take on Interns and local try outs, please apply as above if interested.


Email for opportunities, T&C's apply, MUST have PLI at £5Million

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