14/05/2014 Packing for Imola

So the packing begins, once again! 

This time we're on a long haul, so we have 3 bags, and lots of kit v's strict weight restrictions and size limits.
We find flying BA helps, as you get a decent hand luggage allowance plus a 'briefcase' to carry our laptops etc.......... and of course we never fly without a jacket with HUGE pockets!

Peli Storm iM2500

iM2500 Peli Storm Case

For the 'Cabin' Baggage I have bought the Peli Storm IM2500. I also bought the divider set and the 'Rucpack' adapter to make lifting it easier. This will hold the 400mm f2.8 mk2 without hood, and other kit easily. Although as I am packing, I have removed the lens hood and I am packing this into the hold luggage.

This case should fit within most european and worldwide airline allowances, even with the straps on.

Packing continues into the early hours...

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