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Amazing Cameras , lenses, and you need it in your life!

John Rourke uses the X System for everything, from cars, to portraits, travel and for everyday life! Fujifilm approached John in 2015 and asked him to become a Fujifilm X Photographer. He now tests cameras, lenses and other Fuji gear and writes blogs for Fujifilm and other Fuji based publications.

John's Kit List: It just keeps growing! :)

Cameras: X-Pro1 / X-Pro2 / X-T10 / GFX-50S/ and three X-T1 Cameras!


10-24mm f4

16-55mm f2.8

50-140mm f2.8

100-400mm f4.5 - f5.6

18mm f2

35mm f1.4

56mm f1.2

90mm f2

Peak Design

The first time I saw this gear, I knew I had to have it.

This stuff is the nuts! from the messenger bag, straps, clip systems, everything they make is a design masterclass. Functional and perfect! Just buy it!

Use 'adrenal' as your discount code

John Rourke is also one of the Peak Designs Pro-Team which is just AWESOME!

Check it out here :)  

Pro-Team - John Rourke

Gear Used:
Straps: Slide, Slide Lite, Clutch, Leash and Cuff 

Capture clips and plates

The Everyday Messenger

The Field Pouch



All our sites run on Smugmug, the emphasis on security, speed, delivery sold us instantly! You can change the style of site easily and the shop system is flawless :)

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Formatt Hitech

Beyond awesome! Check out the light fantastic with them...

We use the Firecrest range:

100mm Aluminium Filter Holder System with Polarizer Ring

Firecrest 100x100mm ND 4.8 (16 stops)

Firecrest 100x100mm ND 3.0 (10 stops)

Firecrest 100x100mm ND 1.8 (6 stops)

Firecrest 100x100mm ND 0.9 (3 stops)

Resin Soft Edge ND Grad 1.2 (4 stops)

Resin Soft Edge ND Grad 0.9 (3 stops)

Resin Soft Edge ND Grad 0.6 (2 stops)

Firecrest Super Slim Circular IRND Polarizer

Buy your epic filters here!

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John Rourke "Really proud to be one of the 'Featured Artists' on their website :) check it out here: Featured Artist Profile"

Lens Distortions

These are the most awesome light layers for Photoshop.

We use these in many projects. The filters have a real natural feel to them and are stunning in quality. Simple to apply in Photoshop and to alter as you like. The ipad and iphone app version is awesome too! Every package works seamless, they are fantastic!

Click here to see their latest filters.

Read John Rourke's Interview on Lens Distortions.com

Car Camera Rig

We use the CCR 6m Carbon Pro Rig for all our rig shots, its just the perfect system to carry with us around the world to any location we need. Leight weight and strong, the rig can be set up in aa few minutes and we are shooting awesome long expose rig shots in seconds...well...usually for a minimum of 10 - 20 seconds an exposure! :P

Check them out here! :)



A friendly place for all to share their love and experiences with the Fujifilm X series cameras.

Lots of Fujifilm based trips, talks, and courses to do and loads of tips and techniques to learn.

Welcome to the Home of Fujiholics!

Read about John Rourke's Addiction here :)


Peli UK

We love Peli Cases because they’re tough just like Chuck Norris….,

Chuck Norris is so tough he doesn't do push ups, he does earth downs!

Superman owns a pair of Chuck Norris pajamas!

When Chuck Norris falls in water, Chuck Norris doesn't get wet. Water gets Chuck Norris.

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Chuck Norris can lead a horse to water AND make it drink.

Chuck Norris doesn’t wear a watch, HE decides what time it is.

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